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We are a team of foodies passionate about cooking and food using the latest cookware and equipment. You’ll find our honest reviews here as well as sharing some of our favorite recipes and cooking tips.

But our enthusiasm for cooking didn’t happen until adulthood interestingly enough. Growing up in a family that wasn’t particular interested in cooking we were introduced to Italian Old World cooking through marriage. Since then we were hooked and have kept on going since.

Whether watching the Food Network and shows of the greats or googling the latest recipes on the web and YouTube, we are always looking for that next “favorite” dish, new innovative techniques, kitchen equipment, and gadgets.

After being introduced to wood fired pizza at a small local restaurant (and tasting the best pizza and dough of our lives), we built our own pizza oven after searching online for how we could get one. Back then there were hardly any options like there are today. But still it was a fun project and we learned A LOT! And through that got pretty damned good at making our own pizza dough and pizzas (and cooking them in less than 90 seconds in an outdoor oven at 750 degrees).

And who doesn’t love to build a fire.

It’s not everyone’s desire to have a pizza oven, so we’ll share tips about how you can still enjoy good pizza without an expensive oven, i.e. like on a barbeque for example.

A natural segue from pizza was then bread. And so it goes on…

So, if you’re like us, we hope you’ll continue to follow us and use us as one of your “go to” resources. Stay tuned we have many new things coming to this site.

Feel free to contact us any time with questions or product reviews you’d like us to research and compare – or simply provide cooking tips and resources.

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